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Game Programming - Introduction

This 2 week course (2hrs a day) is designed to help the student to further his skills in the area of computers. Why have students only play games they love when they can understand and create their own? The skills for programming are usually designed for those in colleges and universities but not so. In this era of computers, students already posses some of these skills before they enter these institutions. Why not give your child the potential to excel in this area. By working along with others and participating in the discussions, students will learn advanced problem solving skills that will help them throughout the rest of their life.

If you are interested in this course, feel free to contact us at wavecoders at hotmail.com

Programming enviroment

Students will be using Macromedia Director in their programming experience. With over 300,000 users of this product, Director is designed to adhere to the programming standards common in this industry with a visual approach, making it easier for beginners to understand the programming process. Director is designed to build and port applications on PC, Macintosh and internet browers with no effort. Students will be able to create these applications, games, presentations using this product, giving them a taste of the programming industry.

Structures, variable types

Understand variable types from strings to array structures, control graphic objects with rects and points is just a start. Once you understand these and other variable types and there uses, programming will becoming even easier.

Programming syntax

New languages can be difficult to use and learning their syntax can be harder. Most students have this comprehention of computer syntax. With this course they will be able to grasp the basics of syntax, making it easier for them to learn other computer languages with ease.

Design Patterns

Learn the techniques that professions know. There are logic structures created to handle common issues in areas of programming. Find out what these structures are and how they work.

Creating graphics

Typing is one thing, graphics are another. Students will learn the techniques in preparing graphics for use with thier applications.

Compiling applications

Programming is only one facet of the course. Preparing and packing them into a functional application for distribution is another. Students will be able to take and play their applications on there home computers to demonstrate the work accomplished.

Game structures

What makes a game? What are its parts? Students will explore these ideas with the instructor who has the knowledge and experience in this industry. They will be able to define what makes a successful game, and the parts needed to build. These ideas will be further explored as the students progress in the course at higher levels.


Bugs, bugs and more bugs. Debugging is a method of finding errors in code that are not apparent. Learn the ideas behind debugging so that your applications will not crash or be prone to errors durring playback.